A family

A family

For nearly five decades, the Guibert family has watched over and tended to the vines with unfailing dedication.
The story began with Véronique and Aimé, our parents and continues today with the second generation at the helm.
To one day be followed by a third…

Towards the end of the 1960s, Véronique and Aimé Guibert launched themselves on a wine adventure,
following in the footsteps of the monks at Aniane Abbey 13 centuries ago.

They were the first generation and the creators of the current Mas de Daumas Gassac. Véronique Guibert de la Vaissiere is an ethnologist, specializing in the myths and traditions of Celtic Ireland. Originally from the Aveyronne, Aimé Guibert came from an old family of glovers and tanners in Millau.
The management of the property and the vinifications were subsequently transferred to us, the second generation composed of Samuel, Gaël, Roman and Basile. Today, We uphold the values of respect for “Mother Nature” and for the pure expression of the terroir: the foundations of the property’s wines since its creation.

Roman, Samuel, Gaël & Basile Guibert:

Our greatest strength has been our capacity to live and work together. We have been working at the Mas since the 2000s. After the death of our father, the founder of the Mas de Daumas Gassac, in May 2016, we have taken over complete control of the property.
Since then, we have continued our father’s innovative work, increasingly focusing on elegance and freshness rather than more tannic characteristics.
Today, the domaine’s spirit is very much one of fraternal camaraderie. We all have different responsibilities in its management. Samuel, the eldest, is responsible for vinification and the export of our wines mainly to America, while Basile deals with winemaking and export too mainly to Asia, and Roman manages the distribution networks in France. Gaël’s expertise lies in the management of the vineyard, and the property’s accounts.

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