Our commitments

Our commitments

Through our actions and our commitments, we act to promote cultural, artistic or oenological events which we are empathetic with.
Through these different commitments, we also want to stay awake on what is happening outside our land…

Mas de Daumas Gassac & its surroundings

Partnerships & Sponsorships

23th edition of the Aniane's wines Festival! It wille take place on 22, 23, and 24 july 2022!

Roman Guibert is president and organizer of this event.
The Aniane Wine Festival starts from the desire of winemaker friends to work on a common project and to see the birth of a 3-day event representing both the excellence of the region, the beauty of the terroir and the art to live.


This year, the Aniane Wine Festival will take place at the Abbey of Aniane. 31 wineries will be present, 15 workshops are planned and 14 artists will be on the festival!


Created for more than 20 years, this event has developed with the objective of offering exceptional moments to enthusiasts and curious neophytes. Our wide range of activities encouraging everyone to participate.


Video of the 20th edition of the Festival :

The domaine is partner of the Fiest'A Sète World Music Festival.


25th edition: from 23 july until 6 august 2022

The Fiest'A Sète Festival in a few words:

  • 14 days of festival
  • 30,000 festival-goers, all events combined
  • 25 groups, more than 250 artists from all over the world
  • 14 concerts at the Théâtre de la Mer
  • 9 concerts in the communes around the Bassin de Thau and in Sète
  • Musical cinema sessions
  • Music chat
  • Children and teen workshops
  • Before and after on the beach
  • World cuisine stalls at concert venues
  • More than 400 members of the Métisète association which organizes the festival

Live music rather than world music simply because the ones we cherish speak to the present of our world today. Our choices are guided, for the most part, by a certain idea of ​​modernity, miscegenation and movement. Nothing excites us as much as the musical proposals with new flavors, quality and pleasure guaranteed!

The domain is patron of the association of the Amis of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.
Since the mythical times, Music and Wine have participated in the mystical momentum to express the sacred. The passion for music, forty years of exchanges and our cultural and geographical proximity have naturally led Mas de Daumas Gassac to support the exemplary action of the Amis of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.

Dates : 

Saturday 4 of Septembre 2021:
"Zum Wohl, Johann-Sebastian ! " 
with Delphine MEGRET and LA FENICE
Direction : Jean Tubéry

Friday 10 September 2021:
"Fêtes amoureuses de Scylla à Platée" Opera airs of RAMEAU and LECLAIR
with Magalie LEGER and ROSASOLIS

Saturday 11 September 2021:
"Enchanteresses" Opera airs and instrumental pieces of HAENDEL
with Sandrine PIAU and LES PALADINS
Direction : Jérome CORREAS

The domain has been partner of the Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival since 2015.

44th edition: from 21 until 29 october 2022

CINEMED, the Mediterranean Film Festival was founded in 1979 by the team of the Ciné-club Jean-Vigo, Montpellier's film club, which has been extremely active since the mid-fifties. "Encounters with Mediterranean cinema" at its origin, this event became "International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema Montpellier" in 1989 introducing from this date a competition section.

"The International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema in Montpellier pursues a cultural goal of knowledge of cinemas in the Mediterranean basin, the Black Sea, Portugal and Armenia. It facilitates, in a spirit of tolerance, exchanges, symposia and studies on the common components that link these cinematographies. "

Robert Guédiguian, director, producer and scriptwriter French, visited the Mas de Daumas Gassac as part of the 2018 edition of Cinemed.

2022 edition: from 22 until 26 june!

Visuel du Festival Quand je pense à Fernande 2022.

The domaine is partner of the Fernande Music Festival.


Since the creation of the "Quand je pense à Fernande" festival in 2002, they have not ceased to defend the current French song by presenting in the enchanting setting of the Théâtre de la Mer, a wide range of musical choices and various styles of music. 'writing... All this is quite normal in the land of Georges Brassens.


"Quand je pense à Fernande" is a festival for everyone, all generations.

Producer of oysters for 4 generations…

In July 2020, Moulin de Gassac sealed a partnership with the Sanchez Family.
Producer of oysters for 4 generations on the Thau lagoon, but also in Camargue and in Gruissan in the Aude department, we have in common: a passion for our work but above all the desire to transmit and share it!
The Sanchez family organizes visits of their oyster farm on the banks of the Thau lagoon. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to taste some of our Moulin de Gassac wines, particularly Picpoul de Pinet and Eraus, which go wonderfully with oysters!

The domain is partner of the Folies Lyriques. 

2022 edition : from 1st to 9 July 2022 !

For 15 years, Folies lyriques has been offering a programme of operettas, comedy operas, and open-air musicals in the Amphithéâtre of Domaine d'O in Montpellier, with the aim of reaching out to all audiences.

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