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The aromas that are so typical of the Mas de Daumas Gassac’s terroir simply explode in the mouth.

Technical sheet

Whilst the Daumas Gassac great red wines are maturing, the juices are drained and re-circulated at least four times. Each time, some 15 to 20 litres of sediment filled wine are raised from the bottom of the barrels.

This action means the ‘Great Wine’ is considerably enhanced more sophisticated. It is the red wine from the bottom of the barrels that are distilled.

Distillation is very delicate, separating the first alcohol from that at the end of the process, so as only to keep the heart of the distilled alcohol.
We also distil juices from the Viognier and some other varieties separately.

This is followed by blending – the proportions are a deep secret and the work very skilled – both alcohol colours.
The whole then matures for at least two years.

This Eau de Vie is unequalled in its soft sophisticated and voluptuous characteristics. Once again, the name ‘Daumas Gassac’ is synonymous with original, splendid aromas.

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